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More About Our MCAT Program

Did you know that the average MCAT score for students accepted into medical school is 511?


Our comprehensive MCAT prep course is designed to give you the edge you need to succeed.

Welcome to our MCAT prep course information page - the ultimate tool to help you achieve your dream of becoming a doctor!


From our 7-Essential MCAT Strategies to personalized tutoring sessions and practice problems, we provide everything you need to succeed. And if you still have questions, simply fill out the form at the bottom, and our team will be happy to assist you

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  • What does the strategy course look like?
    Our strategy course is a series of videos where Bretton describes each strategy and works through practice problems to demonstrate how to apply it. Then, there is a practice section so you can put your new skills to the test! The strategies taught in this course will increase your score by: Making you feel confident that you know how to handle every problem type and section. Reducing the time pressure Teaching you how to more effectively read science and CARS passages Showing you how to test smarter not harder It's estimated to take approximately 10 hours to complete. If you would like to see a video overview of the 7 Essential Strategies, check out the video below!
  • How does the small group tutoring component work?
    You will have access to a weekly small group tutoring session. These groups are less than 5 students + an expert MCAT tutor. Our tutors are selected by both their personal MCAT success and extensive experience in the MCAT tutoring field. They will answer any questions you have during a 1-hour weekly session.
  • How do you know these strategies work?
    We know because of the success of hundreds of pre-medical students like you! The MCAT isn’t just content, you also have to know how to take the test to optimize your score.
  • Should I just get the tutoring package or the strategy course?
    Both of these resources are great, but we do have some recommendations based on common scenarios. If your test is very soon but you have some pressing questions, our small group tutoring could be the best option for you. If you need more support and want a more in-depth and personal experience, we recommend the strategy course.
  • What makes this better than a course from a big-name MCAT prep company?
    Our founders have worked closely with multiple big-name prep companies and recognized that many students don’t get the personalized attention they need from these companies while also paying a hefty price tag. We aim to give you high-quality MCAT prep resources without breaking the bank. Our course offers the best of both worlds by including tutoring and a course. If you want to get more details before you commit, use our MCAT Audit to discuss the best MCAT plan for your unique situation.

Course Specifics

Course Info

Our comprehensive MCAT prep course is designed to give you the edge you need to succeed. Here's what you'll get when you sign up:

7-Essential MCAT Strategies: Our course covers everything from CARS comprehension to chemistry and physics math strategies, as well as techniques for speed reading and organizing your exam to maximize your score. Plus, we provide a proven answer approach formula to help you tackle even the toughest questions.

Built-In Practice Problems: With practice problems after each video, you'll have plenty of opportunities to apply your newfound skills and reinforce your learning.

Money-Back Guarantee: We're confident that our course will help you raise your score, so we offer a money-back guarantee + $600 in tutoring if your score doesn't improve.

Additional Resources: In addition to our core course materials, you'll also get access to customized Anki Decks, review guides (100-page overview and the 300-page P/S), and the ability to have any question answered within 24 hours by email.

Personalized Small-Group Tutoring: Our course includes unlimited personalized small-group tutoring sessions at no extra cost. Our expert tutors will provide you with the support and guidance you need to excel on test day.

Ready to take the first step toward achieving your dream score? Sign up for our MCAT prep course today and join the hundreds of students who have successfully raised their scores with our help.

Affordable MCAT Tutoring Tailored to Your Needs

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Tutoring Info

Say goodbye to expensive MCAT tutoring! A&B Private Tutors believes quality tutoring should be accessible to all students.

Group tutoring sessions will never exceed 5 people/group

Our weekly sessions will keep you on track and accountable of your progress

We will assign weekly customized homework assignments based on your areas of weakness

We will answer ALL of your questions about the MCAT, including but not limited to:

Strategies, content, study tips, specifics about the exam itself, when to take your exam, etc.

This is an amazing complement to our Strategy Course, that's why it is included! If you are struggling with a strategy, or if it simply isn't working for you, we will fix it in our weekly small group tutoring sessions!

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