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And launch your medical career with confidence

Top-Tier Preparation

Everyone loves our online 5 star-MCAT course!

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Kita Rao

505 -> 517

2 Months of Private Tutoring

"I went from a 505 to a 517 using these strategies. My MCAT confidence is through the roof. I highly recommend."

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Accepted to Austin Medical School


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"A&B Private Tutors is quickly making a name for itself in the test prep industry"

"By challenging the conventional model of MCAT prep, A&B Private Tutors has eliminated the barriers preventing thousands of students from accessing top-notch educational resources"

"Their groundbreaking approach includes offering over 150 hours of MCAT content review free to everyone preparing for the exam, removing the monetary burden that other companies impose on students"

"A&B Private Tutors continues to set itself apart by offering small group tutoring. They have slashed the cost of their services by 80% compared to private tutoring while maintaining over 80% of the value"

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We've Got What You Need

An affordable and effective method to get your target score

We Know What You Need Because We've Been There...

As former MCAT students, we know what you're going through. It sucks.


You've probably seen the courses offered by major MCAT prep companies: They want you to pay thousands of dollars for a course that has no 1:1 time and no personalization.


On top of that, they have AUDACITY to say they'll give your money back if your score doesn't increase, but if you read the fine print you know that's a lie.

As if going to medical school isn't expensive enough. UGH! 


It feels hopeless... but it doesn't have to.  

That's why we made A&B Private Tutors.


We've revolutionized MCAT prep by providing free and affordable MCAT resources that ACTUALLY work, and we will ACTUALLY give your money back if it doesn't!


Ready to be the next success story and still have the budget for $7 lattes? 

A&B Private Tutors student smiling in online private tutoring class
A&B private tutors students talking about our MCAT prep course

Want an insider secret? MCAT prep books are a SCAM!

Stop wasting money on prep materials that don't work! We've created a TON of FREE RESOURCES that will completely revolutionize your studying! Start with our free study plan with a curated list of free resources personalized for your needs. Get yours today!

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The Ultimate MCAT Course For You

Many MCAT courses are crowded with dozens of students, often just listening to a single instructor. It can become tedious and may not always be effective. That's why we've developed a course different from the rest. Our approach focuses on self-paced videos, designed to boost your scores immediately. And the best part? You'll also benefit from hands-on practice and weekly sessions with a dedicated expert tutor. We're so confident in our approach that we guarantee your success!

*If you complete the Study Plan and MCAT Strategy Course and don't see a score improvement, we will fully reimburse you and provide two free hours of private tutoring worth $600.

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Ready to get an ADCOM jaw-dropping MCAT score?

We have some of the best MCAT tutors on the planet. This is the best way to achieve a truly impressive score. 

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