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The Prince/Princess

Prepare to get the MCAT royal treatment, your highness.

This plan is the most comprehensive and revolutionary MCAT prep program EVER. We've included everything you need to succeed and our groundbreaking target score guarantee. 


This means if you don't hit your target score by your last practice test, we will continue for free until you do! With this method, 100% of students reach their target score.


You deserve that kind of confidence.

A Luxury MCAT Experience

We're here to be your tutors-in-waiting and have gathered every resource you need to become the King/Queen of the MCAT.

Here's how we do it: 

  • 7-Essential MCAT Strategies Course 

    • Either a self-paced video series or live step-by-step with a tutor​

    • Practice questions to test you as you go 

  • Full AAMC Bundle 

  • 2,300 + Practice Questions

  • 6 Full-Length Practice Exams 

  • UWorld Access

  • 45 Hours of Private Tutoring 

  • Tutor Matching Process

  • Score Improvement Guarantee

To get started, schedule a free strategy call where we'll design your study plan and ensure this is the best plan for you!

Meet Your Royal Staff

Our Progam is So Revolutionary - It's News Worthy

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