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What is Academic Coaching?

"Academic Coaching" describes our services that are shaped around helping you improve academically. Nobody intuitively knows how to study effectively and schools rarely explicitly teach this skill required for academic success. The A&B team is dedicated to teaching you how to study effectively for any class and giving you the resources and tools to sustain your study habits for the long term. Additionally, our Academic Coaching services will help you use your time effectively and improve your essay writing skills for applications and scholarships.

Academic Coaching Services

At A&B Academic Consulting, we believe that high academic performance requires training like an athlete. You must learn the skills, stay disciplined, and maintain your motivation. Our Academic Coaches will be just that, a coach to guide you to academic success.

Our team starts with a free 30-minute consultation to determine what the best course of action is for your needs. Next, we will work with you to design a study plan based on your schedule and courses. This study plan will include cutting-edge techniques on how to study for each course and we will teach you how to use specialized study tools. Every 2 weeks, our team will check in and adjust your plan to maximize your improvement. Additionally, you will receive 25% off subject tutoring and on-demand assistance on essay writing. 

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